Here's the Deal Wine Club

So, Here’s the Deal….at Here’s The Thing Vineyards, we are pretty laid back with all the rules…if you only drink red wine, good on you.  If you like white wine with your steak, go for it.  We wanted our wine club to follow that way of thinking.

Complete control over the wines you receive in your shipment and exactly when you receive your wines* is what we have in mind for the most important people – you, the guests that enjoy our wines to the extent that you commit to 12 bottles per shipment per calendar year. Yes, that is all there is to it.

You will be able to sign up online, enter all the details, select precisely which wines you want and the date you want them shipped*, and leave the rest to us; easy!  Your wines will be packed into shippers and delivered via ATS Healthcare in temperature controlled trucks so that your wines arrive as fresh as the day they were bottled.

So, what’s the “deal”?  Your commitment case of wine will be discounted at 10%.  After your first case you will continue to receive 10% off your online and in winery orders (Note: When ordering online we only ship cases of 12 bottles). You will also receive a free Portfolio tasting at the winery when you come to visit.

As our winery grows, we will be able to offer more benefits for our members!  Also, you are absolutely free to cancel your membership at any time – no questions asked.

Oh yes, the fine print and the dreaded asterisks…

* Our Wine Club shipment goes out at the end of June but you always have the option to have us ship it out in advance!

Thank you for considering our Here’s The Deal wine club.  Please call or email us if you have any questions.