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So, Here’s the Deal….we do love a good wine club and have belonged to them in the past ourselves.  What are our favourite things about wine clubs?  Minimal commitment and maximum flexibility. That is the way our wine club works.  Our members only commit to one case, 12 bottles (taken all at once) per year – yes, you read that correctly.  Our members always choose the 12 bottles they want to have – yes, you also read that correctly.  Wine club members receive a 10% discount whether you order online or purchase at the winery.  This discount will also apply to any food or merchandise purchased as well.  We love our members and love seeing them at the winery so when you visit, you and your guests will be offered a complimentary portfolio tasting.  And finally, you will have access to our “wine club only” exclusive wines.

Our 2022 wine club packages will be shipped starting June 28th and we will work very hard to get them all out before July 1st so you will have your wines for the dog days of summer.  But remember flexibility?  You can have your wine shipped any time between the release of the wines until June 28th.  Or, if you are visiting the winery any time between opening weekend and the end of July, maybe you would like to hold your shipment here and pick it up so you can avoid the shipping charges. You simply leave a note on your order to have it picked up at the winery if that is what you choose to do. All wine club packages not shipped or picked up prior to June 27th will be billed on June 27th.

Our wine club members have become the bedrock upon which our winery is built and, therefore, we think you deserve to have a few things that are not available to our other guests.  Our best-selling Syrah has been “wine club only” for two years now and will continue that way for the foreseeable future.  This year, we will add two more “wine club only” wines – our first releases of Reserve Syrah and Cabernet Franc; these were produced in 2019 and we have aged them in bottle for over a year.  We will say, with a bit of a blush, they are drinking like silk!  We hope our club members enjoy them as much as we do.

So, you can sign up online, enter all your details, select precisely which wines you want and the date you want them shipped and leave the rest to us; easy!  Your wines will be packed into shippers and delivered via ATS Healthcare in temperature controlled trucks so that your wines arrive as fresh as the day they were bottled.  Alternatively, we love to have new members sign up while they are visiting the winery.  The advantage to our new members is that they get to taste before they commit!

Thank you for considering our Here’s The Deal wine club.  Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions.

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