Our Covid-19 Safety Plan

Following the provincial health, orders are very important to us as we continue to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Therefore, effective immediately, vaccine passports will not be required to enter our tasting room as we are offering only stand-up tastings.

If you choose to be seated in either of our picnic areas to enjoy some food and a bottle of wine, we are required and will be checking for your vaccination passport.

We have the capacity to have three groups of 6 in the tasting room at one time with a maximum number of 18 guests.  We cannot accept groups larger than 6. Walk-ins are welcome! We are not taking reservations at this time.

Signage at our winery will direct you to our patio area – entrance to the tasting room will be through the back doors.  A staff member will greet you and show you to your tasting space or direct you to an area of the patio where you will wait while remaining physically distant from other groups.

Inside our tasting room, you will see yellow markings on the floor.  Once you reach your station, we ask that you stay in that space until tastings and purchases are finished.  Once there is room to exit, you will be directed to do so out our front doors.

Outside our tasting room, many people pause to take pictures.  We remind you to keep a safe distance from other guests.

Before we start your tasting, we will be collecting contact information from one member of your group.  It will be your choice to offer an email address or telephone number. Hand sanitizer is available for you.

The staff member you are tasting with will talk you through our physical distancing measures. This staff member will conduct your tasting and then ring in your purchases.  Our reservations are in one hour time slots to allow enough time between groups to clear away glasses, clean and sanitize all surfaces and prepare for the next group.

All bathroom handles and light switch will be disinfected after each group with regular and thorough cleaning of toilet, sink, door and countertop at least hourly throughout the day.

Glassware will be used in our tasting room as always.  Our glass washer has a temperature gauge so we are able to see each load is fully washed and sanitized.

Please remember to bring a water bottle with you!

Chairs and barstools have been removed. 

We love children and they are welcome in our tasting room but as our capacity for guests has been diminished, we will gently remind you to keep your children in the same space with you

As employers, it is our responsibility to maintain the highest safety standards for our staff and our guests.  If we, as employers, are not on site, our employees have been empowered to take any action they deem necessary to maintain our safety standards. 

Employees have been instructed to communicate any issues or need for procedural changes to us immediately.  If changes are made, this safety plan will be changed to reflect the most up to date information.

Our guests are also encouraged to report anything to us as winery owners if they see or experience anything that is uncomfortable.  Our business cards are readily available in the tasting room and list our email addresses as well as our personal cell phone numbers.